Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

  • To become a church that pleases God’s heart with bases in big cities
  • To carry out the Great Commission
  • To make Christianity as a lifestyle
  • To become the channel of blessings and
  • To dedicate our best for the Lord, His people, countries, nations and society

Our Mission:

  • To reach out for the society to know and accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour
  • To bring in church followers in worshiping and glorifying God
  • To develop the congregation to become disciples in dwelling and enjoying God
  • To equip the activists of God in imitating Jesus and following Him
  • To delegate leaders in stepping out and establishing various ministries such as education, seminars, healthcare, retreat centre, missions, radio broadcast, musical orchestra, literature, elder houses, counseling centre, rehabilitation centre, funerals, etc.