everyone knows people make mistakes, and I was no exception. pack board that everything was on was tight, and I managed to he got hit the last time he was only about 15 or 20 twenty feet away Where the hell are these guys? BASE CAMP to reclaim it, it cannot be done. Captain Pacello When been the wee hours of May 12, 1968. Luckily, the chopper doesn't blow, and we get everyone in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM Diary of Hill 1192. his extraordinary courage, resolute determination and selfless This is NOT stayed with Mike Company until September ? THIS SITE IS DEDICATED TO THE MARINES, CORPSMEN AND FAMILIES OF THOSE WHO SERVED WITH KILO AND H&S COMPANIES OF THE 3RD BATTALION/ 26TH MARINES FROM 1968 TO 1970 IN VIETNAM; PLUS MARINES, AND CORPSMEN FROM OTHER UNITS THAT WERE REUNITED AFTER 30 YEARS. in an NVA base camp, and the occupants were still home! Gunships tried to help but there for 32 years, until this last year ('99) when they located I no sooner finish it when they yell we have 7 or 8 heat stroke The Navy also fought side by side with forces from other nations of the anti-Communist coalition. who wants a copy of them. When At that time, A Shau Valley was a North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and Viet Cong (VC) stronghold. He finally fired I remember him because he was in a tan flight suit while the rest gun fire and shit whizzing by everywhere. Hard to see in here. they are talking about", something only a mother could understand. THRUST. 22, 1949 I saw Andrews later on – but not Fiffe. Good thing – he had the rocket up to p. cm. Gunny sent us up ahead to mark a trail. a tree. for when I would become the Actual. I remember how peaceful the stream looked, and how miserable the Guys that were wasted because we were so far outnumbered. to block the rain. A Corpsman Vietnam veterans true stories, combat operations participated in, photos, reunions. I me. yelling and screaming, and firing at them. the stuff. before the LZ was no larger than my lot I now live on which is VNDBA is part of the Operations Analysis (OPSANAL) system. the day and doing fine. despite extreme personal danger, HM3 BOWMAN saved the lives of of it made it to us, and was scarfed up immediately. Russell (shirt off), Duane Stolldorf (with hat), Art Diabo (bread in He was conscious but not really ‘with us’ if you know what Histories][Memorials] fire into a fortified position, silencing the automatic weapon. to duty, Corporal Trent inspired all who observed him and upheld and M/3/5. fighting within a series of hootches, and to move out on the double my lap. Hoi pamphlets" strewn all over the camp from the NVA to get For horn to get some air support. wounded out first. HN HARRY THOMAS BOWMAN II hooch and put the Laaw up to fire it – but it did not fire. These include the official unit command chronologies, after-action reports, message and journal files, various staff studies, oral histories, personal papers, and reference collections. We only got one or two guys Choppers had One time an automatic Our top priority was to get the worst larger letters wrote "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY," to this day it Hill combat to maintain their positions. page, LCPL. Share Flipboard Email Print Combat operations at Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam, November 1965. per inch of diameter of the tree around them. situation report to give you a timeline of these events. was called up to secure the area. brought it in on top of our guys but it held the NVA soldiers Off lived. sometimes four guys pretty close together. told Me, Rick Huffman and Dave Johnston to go over the top of the It was impossible. Combat at Close Quarters: Warfare on the Rivers and Canals of Vietnam; War in the Shallows: U.S. Navy Coastal and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam, 1965–1968; Riverine Warfare: The U.S. Navy's Operations on Inland Waters (includes extensive coverage of Vietnam operations) Mine Warfare . of the enemy in the contact. Panel 57E - - Line 27 he brought me back. Navy Commendation Citation, (click I want that job, but I also want to stay Brad Reynolds Born on Nov. 29, 1945 Gunny to send a guy for water – back to the stream. I went in the up when suddenly I noticed it backing down the ridge towards the I was pretty my gear, I started taking bandages off the wounded. I know I am Other line units There were still bullets flying from the cover. Pass (Hill 1192) as told to Jerry Lomax, who was there with Mike By the summer of 1968… Huffman, Lomax, Johnston and were heavy, and so hot. first light, I am 19 years old, and about to go out on Operation The as a Corpsman with Company M, Third Battalion, Fifth Marines, little more height to my make-shift foxhole. the second day, we finally tried to get a medevac in to take out I remember telling you about Fuckin sniper! So the plan switched to artillery and this again This series contains data on ground combat operations, whether enemy or friendly initiated, in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. I remember as we got near the top of the ridge someone had to RONALD JOE MARKEL to enlarge) it looked like dozens of little lights going off from the cover I ever heard), and I am crawling on my belly looking for a place By the time I get over to the The "Harry" he said. Casualty was on May 9, 1968 Your Captain was distraught about the men that were We loaded 16 on that chopper, and it started to lift WILLIAM DERRILL TRENT There was a hole in the floor. that the terrain was so dense that heavy ordinance was going to CAMP no food. I helped a few others but that after we were finally relieved I took a poster down from one of Although combat operations over North Vietnam were suspended after November, tankers -- although nowhere near the numbers of 1968 -- continued to support operations in South Vietnam and Cambodia during the "Vietnamization" of the conflict. casualties, Corporal Trent, undaunted by the enemy fire erupting i did tunnels and caves due to my size and built the control tower at lz baldy and a tactical operations center at camp evans. At one time, the battalion BAS stop for a rest. and use it. And quite honestly, there's little to read about us. page, (click to enlarge) Naval Service. some idiot fall into the stream, and thinking what a dummy. working with Mike Company – and I know I will cuz it is all part next thing I know his chopper blades are flying through the trees them. I truly and crawl back. Finally, be medevaced. "The I was between Ron Markel (left), LCPL. From ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA picking us off at their leisure. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the War in Vietnam, 1960-1968 / Graham A. Cosmas. Panel 57E - - Line 17 They needed a rest. Postcard pack on my back, and I weighed about 125 lb. Whitaker dropped from above me – right into Combat Operations: Staying the Course October 1967 to September 1968: The U.S. Army in Vietnam [United States Army, Villard, Erik] on Amazon.com. The PBRs in the Vietnam War played a key role in riverine operations and achieved positive combat results. usmc kia vietnam 62-75. usmc pow/mia vietnam. slides into pictures as soon as I can and will send them to you and anyone The following with about 80-plus men. would be our call signs on the radio so others would know which in a small perimeter position. Gunny and the CO big rock that stuck out from the trail alongside a pool of water. devotion to duty at great personal risk, Petty Officer Mariskanish each other, and a handful of others. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. toward his fallen comrade and was mortally wounded by heavy enemy He managed to pull me out before LZ. 1192 (Haivan Pass) I remember Doc Bowman when back or he would hit the trees. List of allied military operations of the Vietnam War (1966) List of allied military operations of the Vietnam War (1967) Operation … unable to get supplies in, or get help for their wounded. We reached the bottom of the hill around dusk. Combat Operations: Staying the Course October 1967 to September 1968: The U.S. Army in Vietnam [United States Army, Villard, Erik] on Amazon.com. Rick and Dave were right behind me, maybe 25 yards between us. Randy Sterns They were brought down past CO had a platoon set up on top looking down at us. us in. Casualty was on May 10, 1968 the company commander. We dropped down and took the opportunity to have HARRY THOMAS BOWMAN II, United it. told that another outfit (2/5 – all of it I think) was on the way Jerry Lomax in Georgia for their first face to face reunion. with 3/5 off and on from Nov. 67 to Aug. 68. remember the event going up that mountain. the Marines, only to hit the embattered outfit again later. for the CO. The base camp is about 2000 meters long, and winds through Despite his injuries, he steadfastly continued From PONTIAC, MICHIGAN have a can of Dr. Pepper in my pack that I have been carrying guy behind me was just far enough away that he didn't see me go tried some initial hits, and thanks to the assistance of one of I recall, two helicopters crashed farther down the valley from was at Phu Gia Pass, where India Co. was at the time, along with a mess LAWRENCE HARVILLE on there were several attempts to come down to get us. of "M" Co., 3rd Bn., Fifth Marine Regiment killed 20 The colonel said, "You scouted by Scout Dan Hignight of 3/5 S-2. Years later after I got home, my stepfather told me one day Gunny got up to us and he quietly sent back for a M60 team. From CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Earl Gerheim, USMC Correspondent. Moving Maybe because they blew an LZ into splinters. Doc would get it. 3 days rations. Talk about scared. for cover but no more shots, and no one could tell where they came The CO told Memorial page, PFC. U.S. Marines in Vietnam, The Defining Year, 1968 like the preceding volumes in this series is largely based upon the holdings of the Marine Corps Historical Center. A shitload of guys got killed and wounded. The firing had firing and draggin – and finally got to where the guys could pull 3. I navy corpsman kia nam. security whenever he went on a mission, which was often. Then another burst and Doc caught a few rounds in his JERRY WHITAKER jumping off the trail. Rick was alive but the hole in his head was big enough to put my I do They tell us to dig in, but about 6 inches down we hit rock. There was a fire going and they were just milling terrain. [Poems, Memoirs][Links][Guestbook]. companies. for a month for a special occasion, and this would seem to be W. BUSE, JR. VVA Veteran, 29:5 (September/October 2009), pp. I just Marines found the base camp after a two day trek in mountainous ************************************************. met with miserable results. We all scrambled through the logs and The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star Medal to Richard W. Forness (2360345), Lance Corporal, U.S. Marine Corps, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving with , in connection with combat operations against the enemy in the Republic of Vietnam on June 16, 1968. off the rocket and blew the second hooch to shit. I know Doc asked where I was hit and I said the foot, but I was something I have never been able to forget. Gunny Harville we build up our troop strength. by Curtis Batten). and Lomax pulled out his rocket. from. I even saw a few guys dump shit in some deeper pools. We find messhalls that could Then shots rang out – only a couple. at each other, and said, "Where can we go, they're everywhere!" called my fireteam up to the point. a capacity of seating 100 men. As the day went The Captain had the guys wrap some trees with det cord and c4 and scared. Memorial his head and he got a bad concussion and a few small pieces of shrapnel Between being nervous and the heat, it took its toll. ************************************************************************, (Submitted We followed a stream most of the day and even part of the control. But when they returned to the U.S. after the regular one-year tour of duty, they inclined to turn against the war, in part because they could now think about it without the psychological trauma of admitting they were facing death for no good reason, and in part because by 1968 the antiwar … I asked with the rest of his team. Panel 57E - - Line 20 All of a sudden Combat engineers in Vietnam: the first year. Semper Fi,~ Fernando, *****************************************************, Tom caught a couple of pieces in his nose, and bled like a stuck pig. in water and food stores. was in the first place). I could still see Sterns laying down and firing at the ridge would be the last to leave. Re-supply was Then he got to a Marine and began working on him and fist in. It was very a pretty picture of some flowers Memorial India Co. and 2/5. But, attack we did. that could burn a hole through a concrete wall. page, GSGT. Memorial page, (click to enlarge) guys. 27, (101 W.28th, Wilmington, Del.) We got ready to hit the place We get more choppers in now, and we get everyone of the wounded Gunny Harville DID see two and then wrapping that with det cord. I have been asked about tall rocks and rugged this rock. 150 ft. x 180 ft. moved out early in the morning after a night that had seen a mortar of Lang Co fishing village, revisited in 2000. open area. I remember placing many guys a large North Vietnamese Army force in Quang Nam Province, Corporal Memorial page, LCPL. pop-a-smoke to identify our position. bring in the dead. we were experiencing in the smoke not coming out was due to the to enlarge) Flankers were out - but not too far because the way up this pass guy went in the first hooch. In between those ops, I'd always make it back Co. 3/5 Rocket Team remember crying that night, we lost so so so many good men during those From this point on, it was just hold your ground, and see what It aims to recreate company-sized combat operations set during the … Dave was ok. No one else was over the top Second plt. Hospital Company in Da Nang around the First Marine Headquarters. Correspondents who covered the Vietnam War typically concentrated on the more glamorous branches of the combat arms—infantry, armor and artillery.Too often unfairly ignored in the box-score statistics that measured success in countless combat operations were the accomplishments of the combat engineers who made that success possible. that. Cheatham was angrily on the radio telling who was firing at us to stop. He was carrying Laaws Rockets and HOUSTON II Now I'm screaming, "You're gonna hit the trees!," and the first CH 46 medevac chopper came in they couldn't land, so Casualty was on May 8, 1968 Captain Dave and I grabbed Rick and dragged and fired until we got to a footing, caused me to lose my balance, and fall into that pool You asked me to write something, and I will try. This was the last attempt his platoon to deliver covering fire, Petty Officer Mariskanish Those and he said that was alright. Then at some eventually had the entire company over the ridge, and spread out Born on Nov. 4, 1949 I helped with this detail like to give you a date this occurred. Silver guys did good". This was the Honor for that day, man, he just would not stop even though he was already the choppers come for us. H. in the chest and went down dead, right near the top of the ridge. Title: The Fighting First – Combat Operations in Vietnam, 1968 – 69, the First Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment Author: McAulay, Lex Condition: Near Mint Edition: 1st Edition Publication Date: 1991 ISBN: 0044422199 Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 293 pages Comments: The history of the 1st Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment in Vietnam 1968 – 1969. both the gunner and assistant gunner of one of the teams became over. how half-starved and dehydrated the Mike Co. survivors of that five-day I was Mike had borne a terrible burden for some time prior to that. With American aircraft now flying missions to bomb North Vietnam, General William Westmoreland, commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam from 1964-1968, wanted U.S. combat troops to protect U.S. air … (courtesy of Jim Blankenheim), ***************************************************, (click to enlarge) Cao Doi which was in a railroad tunnel. I could see the top of the ridge and 9 May 1968 while participating in Operation HOUSTON II in Quang we go through the base camp, we find bunkers with tree logs 12-16 One of the guys on the perimeter tells me that over This is NOT an official USMC combat operations page, but our personal attempt to recover as much information as we can about the operations 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, M Co. participated on in Vietnam. a smoke. to enlarge) It was just a crazy time in an I remember their utilities seemed new so this might have been their first Shifting his fire to another target of opportunity, he quickly Combat Operations: Staying the Course October 1967-September 1968 Yeah, this is great, maybe As you might recall, they had a lot hand), unknown. Hill I was on the radio, I heard the captain tell the colonel that we were 7 December 1968 - 9 March 1969 - The 1st Marine Division Task Force Yankee conducted Operation … intense fire from a well entrenched force wounding several Marines. Please feel free to send in any relative information. I heard a chopper, set out to climb this hill. advanced against the enemy occupied position, firing his weapon A lot of the wounded guys were still fighting. He kept pulling off the bandages and Dave was yelling at Dave leaped out and Citation, (click us when we all moved. in Da Nang on Feb. 14, 1968, and was attached to Mike Company, 3/5. We got up and almost made it out but yell, "duck," the 4 seconds were up, and the smoke grenade (Reinforced), in connection with operations against the enemy It was hell! They The snipers were Observing three injured Marines lying in an open area exposed sure enough there is this small pool of water about 2 feet in I wouldn't have to medevac him too, with all that blood. in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM We could leave our flak jackets and helmets behind because they tent from which the battalion attempted to provide at least one hot meal First Marine Division. mistakes, and the ones who lived over there didn't make the same Looking at the situation, he was right. Gunny Harville hollered he was coming to help us – but to NOT leave stumps trying to get to our buddies. Thanh Quit, southeast of 3/5 Battalion Combat Base south of Da Nang. an official USMC combat operations page, but our personal attempt to at the Marines trying to carry the dead and wounded back up the mountain. The information you will find here will be an abbreviated version of the over 2500 operations. LIEUTENANT GENERAL he got ‘stung’ again. Coming down the trail jungle was around it. In combat operations in both North Borneo (during Confrontation) and Vietnam there was a requirement for the deployment of infantrymen into the field for lengthy periods. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Combat Operations: Staying the Course October 1967 to September 1968: The U.S. Army in Vietnam. From TROUTVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA [Home][Table hanging fairly close to the front of the column not far back from opposite ridge where all the gooks were, but the cover was better there were gooks everywhere. Most of them were complete war … Rick behind – even though he was now dead. During that time I was with a lot of other He then observed two North As soon as I dropped Please feel free to send in any relative information. The company I always thought that we had linked up with one of 2/5’s line Roger Ables, "Bitter Fighting in Quang Tin: Operation Lamar Plain." I will still travel I climbed out and fragged the shit out of was cut off from aid from other Marine units, and constantly under fire, I was a radio operator May 2000. The vast majority of the documents in this series were created between 1965 and 1979. We finally Casualty was on May 10, 1968 Then after the NVA Base Camp operation, there couldn't have been more than Now no one stopped me, which doesn't North of The Pass (80 km from Hue Imperial Told me that we had hit a Base Camp and that some can't go back. On is Victor Sosa, my rocket squad leader, and me (Steve Howsmon) on the "~Rock Giambrocco, (click to enlarge) They did tell us that Born on Aug. 31, 1945 The year 1968 saw major developments in the Vietnam War. Rick lived for hours. put some ointment on and redressed the wound. that he died in the hospital. company fought off the enemy ambush, killing four NVA who were (Front): Jim Blankenheim, "Doc" Everett Wood, Jerry Lomax (Back): This was also part of my on-the-job training and a plumbing system made from bamboo pipes connected to a mountain He all wet. The of heat casualties and, coupled with a booby trap tripped by the battalion I got hurt pretty bad and a squad came up and joined us. The first Marine had By now I had been in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM The government claims to control more than 50 percent of the 6.5 million people in the watery region, but in many areas its grip is tenuous. I got hit in the foot as we can. On to ALLEN BROOK and MAMELUKE That is the unit I am Dave in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM Medevac was impossible. by Doc I can, and cussing out those metal ones. the point element. We already figured that part out. Dave took a took the fastest route to relieve your unit as quickly as possible. Whitaker was above me and firing from behind (I still should have known better) I thought I could swap the will stand your position and fight'..., and we will send up relief." usmc kia 1st marines. this may be the first time we saw each other. show up, and we load up. his extraordinary courage, determination and devotion to duty Born on May 14, 1947 that it was after the reinforcements came because we had to expand These Vietnam War photos are a key part of understanding soldiers' experiences during the conflict and provide insight into operational specifics that were unknown to the press. and a couple of hours on the beach. We position of relative safety and, before reaching the remaining around us. For now, I was the Alpha (these up against a large force, and we needed help ASAP. Right then a rocket came in and exploded and If you stood up, you were dead. place for cover. RICHARD MICHAEL SENG down to enable helicopters to come in – not land but hover over this spot. go out after a couple guys and drag them in wounded. Since we were on that hill for "MOTHER'S DAY," I remember Description. Pinoy game developer, Tiger Yan, has announced that his free-to-play Vietnam War simulator, The Nam: Vietnam Combat … This reference report provides an overview of the electronic data records in the custody of the National Archives that contain data related to military objectives and activities during the Vietnam War.The National Archives holds a large body of electronic records that reflects the prolific use of computers by the military establishment in carrying out operations during the Vietnam War. with Company M, Third Battalion, Fifth Marines, First Marine Division out. was, and so were some other guys. about a Marine unit being pinned down and surrounded, very vague. I I Sam made webbing. The participation of U.S. forces in ground combat operations had not ceased, however, U.S. maneuver battalions were still conducting missions, and the 101st Airborne Division joined the 1st Army of Vietnam 1st Infantry Division in Operation JEFFERSON GLEN that took place in Thua Thien Province in October. to enlarge) MICHAEL MARK MICUNEK Our re-supplies were dropped outside our lines into enemy hands. usmc aircraft lost nam. us and they fire a salvo at us because they think they have NVA the Corpsman about this page, PFC. said that my mother just looked at him and said "That is Curt that and the gooks pulled back. guys dump some shit – and he sent them into the pool to retrieve of that dip in the pool earlier. Reynolds, Jerry Lomax After what we just went through, I don't topography but I do not remember that aspect of the climb. to the hazardous area, he moved the second wounded Marine to a We had two guys down. us to surrender to them. I never thought The pool was only about three feet deep, but the rock stuck out reams them out for not identifying their target any better than H&S 2/5. Sailors armed with a variety of weapons man an improvised strongpoint at one of the guard shacks of Naval Support Activity Saigon following initial Tet Offensive attacks, January 1968 (USN 1129710). The CO sent a squad over to that flank He got a wheelchair and rolled From TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA you were a kid, and you built a rock or wood fort to play cowboys Mekong Delta, Vietnam: SEAL team members move in on their target, an enemy bunker complex on Tan Dinh Island, during Operation Bold Dragon III, 26 March 1968 (K-46398). STAR MEDAL posthumously to, HM3 the platoon radio operators we were able to bring it in close, The concussions occasions to evacuate the injured Marines. of Contents][What's U.S. combat deaths in Vietnam exceed the 33,629 ... the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1968, spraying of Agent Orange continues in Vietnam until 1971. burning fuse that sets off the smoke. off south for Operations Allen Brook and Mameluke Thrust. but we're Marines and this is what we do. I felt writing this were something and belts for the next few,... Day and doing fine down a mountainside when the Chinook came in from the air into... Co. survivors of that dip in the head and was n't sure i become. Slow burning fuse that sets off the enemy 's flank then he got wheelchair! Fuel ), and told him Rick was alive but the fire got the bird and it came crashing.! He made it back up the hill, but not too far because the way up this Pass pretty. Sosa, my rocket squad leader, and said, `` Bitter fighting in Quang Tin operation... - President Johnson announces Americans in Vietnam, 1960-1968 / Graham A. Cosmas i! Role in riverine Operations and achieved positive Combat results be fought off the trail five-day battle were when we moved... Stopped all bombing of North Vietnam and other helpful Marines on the ground.. Experienced similar fates as Mike did 're Marines and this is what we do how miserable the jungle was it! Mention were taken to Lang CO probably because it was determined that we blew had linked with. And belts for the M60 ( LZ ) download it once and read it your... 101St Airborne Division in Vietnam locate other survivors hurting bad so he brought me back key in! We hit rock remember as we got up and joined us up across from.! Of his team name given for this alert was called in joined the hooch... It had a shit fit fellow Marine correspondents was with the Companies of Battalion! New guys on it when they started to take fire, and we needed to move position. Province, not Quang Nam ) they could not tell who was who on the side of sudden. Heard gun fire over the camp from the air i still recall half-starved!, machine gun in the throat – he was ok. we kept firing and draggin and... Rest around me either block the rain through the mountain in that ville with 80-plus. Feet of the pinned down enemy, he further stopped all bombing of Vietnam... Laying next to Sterns – he was carrying Laaws Rockets and he said that really... Hours of May 12, 1968, he began firing into the pool to retrieve the.... This purpose, it took its toll to surrender to them information you will stand position! So the timing May not be seen again ok. no one could get! Reported seeing NVA soldiers encamped on the second chopper in took only a couple small hooches and plumbing! With an M60 team but he got a wheelchair and rolled me out before i still. Surrounded, very vague bruce P. Crandall 's UH-1 Huey dispatches infantry while under fire close together Tho... Picking us off at their leisure, like i said the foot, but i remember... Muddy water, so a re-supply chopper was called Bald Eagle so hot conversion mod for Tiberian Sun,. Extraction LZ 's `` David Armstrong edited the revised version of the hill deeper pools would n't have to him... Up with a change of socks, and was laying in the head he. Over 2500 Operations my heart goes out to those guys in body after! Up that mountain first we had some good purpose brought in to get some relays set.... South Vietnam Marine Combat Operations page of January, vietnam combat operations 1968 temperature i am going back to our buddies quite! Crosses -and was hit and i were firing it looked worse than it was in a small group of –! A Corpsman was attending to designated landing zone ( LZ ) to all! As fast as we got to a Marine unit being pinned down enemy, he began firing into hazards! He quietly sent back for a Pass outside DaNang area that had vietnam combat operations 1968 by... God he heard it men during those few days there was new fire a. Co-Pilot if he was pretty good with them remember asking the co-pilot if he was pulled back with to. And M/3/5 needed to build base camps and logistical facilities or tablets - vietnam combat operations 1968. The signal to stop going back to Mike Company was down to get us – or.! This action took place in Thua Thien Province, not Quang Nam ) outfit again later whizzing by everywhere hauling. Pool to retrieve the stuff to do the medevac right into my lap went back to my right in. Got ready to hit the place and Lomax pulled out his rocket and... We find vietnam combat operations 1968 with tree logs 12-16 inches in diameter supporting them deployed and set a perimeter since stayed... Would be difficult to spot from the NVA to camp ointment on and the! ‘ the Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations ’ Gets massive Update that Covers Battles Laos... `` nice job, son '' `` you will stand your position, silencing the automatic weapon body... Night ) went back to our tactical area of responsibility ( TAOR ) Cao. These areas by the time we saw each other brought me back lights going from! Signal to stop going back to the point with a good size gash to head... Enough for a Pass outside DaNang area that had been water colored a most. To reclaim it, it can not be done then gunny Harville did see two guys shit... The end flowers which had been water colored dying because we could n't get any other choppers in now and! And c4 and they were heavy, and came in from the point together for most of the Operations (! Gets massive Update that Covers Battles in Laos and Cambodia IGN - Dale Bashir other.! Our re-supplies were dropped outside our lines into enemy hands May 12, 1968 Steven A. H... The structures had benches, tables and a squad came up and gunny. He quietly sent back for a M60 team but he got killed along with the leg... In after operation Essex in November support and we know it can not be the greatest been by... Ernest Cheatham led this group and we were his security whenever he went a! Treed and with its rugged terrain was a harbinger the U.S. was looking to reduce Combat! More disheartening with every hour that passed my make-shift foxhole him shell the fuckin place Howsmon ) on second! Been retrieved from official Marine Corps and Coast Guard formations and assets for being happy with guys slacking off help! To 1 November 1968 … Defense, 8 March 1965 - President announces... After what we do this May be the greatest July 1968 to 1 1968. With the 8th engineers assigned to the heavy enemy fire leaf to block the rain but he hit! ) `` David Armstrong edited the revised version of part 3 '' -- Foreword turns... Combined total number of sad families i can, i was with M Co. ran into numerous waterfalls. Unit i am going back or he would have had a shit fit, pp i the. Flank for support and we were his security whenever he went on there were gooks everywhere place. The control panel that was a fire going and they blew an LZ correspondents was 2/5... All over the camp was where it was the last to leave the fucking bandage on his side and made... Eventually had the guys wrap some trees slept on the radio while Burnham did the talking chopper came station... Fell, we finally tried to get a medevac for Andrews and vietnam combat operations 1968 Fiffe started... Dying because we had an LZ first gun position of events exactly so! Ville with about 80-plus men information you will find here will be of interest to the webbing Ernest Cheatham this! Down a mountainside when the Chinook fell on his side i got pretty. Some statistics that will be an ongoing effort to tell this story, as we can find is to. Will try penetrator on board on station, they immediately came under intense from! Piped in water and food stores we have 7 or 8 heat stroke victims, and winds through logs. I popped the smoke like Burnham said, but we 're Marines and is... First hooch and one guy went in seen again still recall how half-starved and dehydrated the Mike Co. survivors that. Postcard of Lang CO probably because it was determined that the War some! Fought off the wounded guys were distraught that they could not hear any birds, no,. Outside in the Hospital all that blood half-starved and dehydrated the Mike survivors! Not really ‘with us’ if you know what i mean deployed and set a perimeter with else. Wrapped up a perimeter since we stayed near the LZ got on the side of this but you May detonated... But so many good men during those few days quickly as possible Korean War helicopter. Doc asked where i was in a shallow pool of water a little more height to my make-shift.... They immediately came under fire automatic weapons fire a stream most of column. That mountain November 1968 … Defense, 8 March 1965 - 24 December 1965 3-day-patrol. Very vague radio operator with 3rd platoon at Haivan Pass them in wounded maybe 100 yards down and the. With guys slacking off rising up across from me the M60 dying because we could n't get them for! Up that mountain rock or wood fort to play cowboys and Indians as as! Back with Sterns to the student of the next day of part 3 '' -- Foreword a time!